R.Murray Cyber Cabinet

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Welcome to Roy Murray Cyber Filing Cabinet
R.W. Bro. Roy Murray is a well known Brother from Commercial Lodge #81 in Edmonton, Alberta who collects and shares Masonic papers from around the world.  Enjoy!
A look at the English Guild
A Member Of A Certain Lodge
Address To A Fellowcraft
An Archdeacon
An Ear Of Corn
And God Said No
Are We Living Masonry
Brothers And Builders 1
Brothers And Builders 2
Brothers And Builders 3
Brothers And Builders 4
Brothers And Builders 5
Brothers And Builders 7
Brothers And Builders 8
Brothers And Builders
Builders And Building
Canadian Masonic Research Assn 1 - The Masonic Stone Of Port Royal, 1606
Canadian Masonic Research Assn 2 - Freemasonry At The Siege Of Quebec, 1759-60
Canadian Masonic Research Assn 3 - Early Freemasonry In The Canadian West
Canadian Masonic Research Assn 4 - Freemasonry In The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Ecclesiastical Ministry And Freemasonry
Free Born
Free Masonry 01 What Is Freemasonry
Free Masonry 02- The Origin Of The Craft
Free Masonry 03 - Masonic Ancestry
Free Masonry 04 - The Old Manuscripts And Traditions
Free Masonry 05 - Ancient Free Masonry
Free Masonry 06 - The Old Lodge At York
Free Masonry 07 - Mother Grand Lodges
Free Masonry 08 - Masonic Degrees
Free Masonry 09 - Rituals
Free Masonry 10 - The Great Light In Free Masonry
Free Masonry 11 - The Apron
Free Masonry 12 - Solomon's Sermon
Free Masonry 14 - Friendship
Freemasonry And Democracy
George Washington The Mason
I Am Freemasonry
Islam And Freemasonry
King Solomon's Quarries
Masonic Matters
One Hundred And One Questions
Ritual Differences
The 47th Problem Of Euclid
The Lamb Skin
The Masonic Apron
The Member Who Never Came Back
The Parchment Of Chinon
The Regius And The Cook Mss
The Silent Summons
The Soldier And Freemasonry
The Test
What Is Freemasonry To You
When Is A Man A Mason