Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta

Happy to meet, Sorry to part, Happy to meet again!

This website is intended to be a resource for the Royal Arch Masons in Alberta plus allow others a portal into the wonderful world of York Rite Masonry that is alive and well in Alberta, Canada. It is our wish that Master Masons will find this site a wealth of information and allow easy contact to the individual Chapters within the length of their cabletow.  Master Masons are encouraged to partake in a daily lesson of research and instruction into the hidden mysteries of nature and science.  Becoming a Royal Arch Mason is a logical step in this direction with the contents of this site allowing answers to your questions and a direction to resources in order to obtain further clarifications if necessary.


Grand First Principal's Communications

Most Excellent Companion
David C. Switzer
Grand First Principal




Grand First Principal’s message:

May 12, 2013

Greetings Companions,

 It is my great privilege and honour as Grand First Principal to welcome you to the Web-Site for The Royal Arch Masons of Alberta.

Please feel free to browse the site. There is a fountain of information available.

 Members of Royal Arch Masonry are encouraged to investigate the library of Masonic and Royal Arch Masonry papers which are available. There are many topics available which should provide no end of education and discussion for your meetings.

If you are a Master Mason interested in furthering your Masonic Education through the Royal Arch, don’t hesitate to contact us.

I look forward to visiting with you and sharing ideas with you this year.


Most Ex. Comp. David C. Switzer


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Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Alberta
Box 1124 Athabasca, Alberta T9S 2A9

Attention: R. Ex. Comp. Marvyn Rogers - Grand Scribe "E"
Phone: (780) 675-9294